Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Patterns & Tutorials - Felt Animal Cookies / Biscuits

Here are the free tutorials and full size pattern for making your own felt animal cookies / biscuits.

First cut out the felt for the cookies & side of the cookies.
(Patterns at end of page)

Then cut out the animal sugar icing and sew the eyes with black threads and sew the collar for the dog as shown.

Sew the bear sugar icing onto one piece of the bear cookie....

Leaving an opening as shown.

Stuff a thin layer of fiber fill in between (use a tweezer if necessary).

Sew up the opening.

Sew the side to the cookie.

Trim off excess fabric leaving a slight overlapping of for the side as shown.

Sew the ends together.

Next sew the other piece of the cookie to th side leaving an opening for stuffing.

Fill your cookie with a thin layer of filling.

Seeal up the opening.

And your Bear Cookie is ready!!

Repeat the same for the other eight cookies.

Decorate & display your cookies in lunch boxes...

Cookie jars....

or in a nice cookie box & give it away as gifts!

Here are the patterns for the Felt Animal Cookies. Click on the pictures for the full-sized patterns for printing out.


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